How To Wash Cloth Diapers (in less than two minutes – video)

Find out how to wash cloth diapers, or how I wash mine at least.  Although surely everybody figures out individual tweaks on their own laundry process, this overviews the basic process of pre-rinsing, hot washing, and rinsing again.  My fluff is still in great shape after two years of “heavy doody” use!  FYI: I only have experience using a top-loader and non-HE machines.

I’m surprised when someone learns I use reusable diapers and responds with a grossed-out face or comment.  I assure them I don’t touch poop anymore than a disposable-diaper-mom and that washing cloth diapers is absolutely sanitary, responsible, and thrifty.  I imagine this task was nowhere near as simple for our ancestors to complete, but washing cloth diapers is totally easy now.

So, I hope you enjoy my first video blog…or vlog, if you will.  But ugh, I hate that word.  That’s probably my second least favorite word.  I guess it is only part vlog since I could only bear to be personally (talking) in the beginning.  Please leave me any love or questions below!  If you don’t have anything nice to say though, please don’t say anything at all.  I’m too fragile and it’s just not good karma.

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Other Cloth Tips:

  1. The first time you wash your cloth diapers is called “prepping” and will likely be different than your usual routine.  Prepping instructions will depend on the brand and type of diaper you are preparing for use.
  2. You may want to “strip” your cloth diapers occasionally.  Stripping (in this case) means ensuring a super-cleansing wash to remove any stinks or residues from detergent that may be decreasing your diapers’ absorbency or effectiveness.  I plan on future posts about this, but feel free to contact me in the meantime if you’re wondering about this.
  3. Since fabric softeners or dryer sheets are cloth no-nos, I also realized they are pretty chemical-ridden and unnecessary components of any laundry routine.  Even using these items for your other non-diaper loads may still leave residues in the machines that can get on your fluff.  This may affect their function a bit.  Therefore, I gave them up completely.  Working on a future post about Natural Laundry Care to explain what I do instead.  When I do dry my inserts in the dryer, I use dryer balls to help reduce static and drying time (and help the environment) without any harmful additions.  This is how cloth diapering can be a gateway “drug” (supplement?) to other aspects of natural living!
  4. Some people like to throw super dirty diapers directly in the wet bag following a diaper change and then spray/separate the inserts right before it’s time to wash them.  I in no way want to spend much time in that bag after they have been in there awhile, so I spray and/or remove inserts as needed as they happen.
  5. Many diapers have PUL as the outside waterproof material (where the pretty color/design is).  Care instructions will depend on the brand again.  Some people prefer to throw them all in the dryer and have had no issue.  They say it even helps “seal” any holes in the material.  Other people say that whole “sealing” thing is a myth and that PUL diapers will last longer by NOT being dried in such high heat.  So this is one of the many areas you will find that all comes down to personal preference, the size of your stash, and the time you feel like devoting.
  6. The initial pre-rinse can be warm or cold, again depending on preference.  The point is to rinse away any yucky stuff before you do the main hot wash.  Cold or warm will do for this, although I feel like warm water releases stains a little better for me.
  7. For extra dirty diapers, or if your wet bag has been full longer than you would have liked…you may want to do a hot soak instead of a pre-rinse. Or even soak overnight.  We’ve all been there…

How to wash cloth diapers

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