DIY Wall Cross Craft (Made From What?!)

Yesterday our area hunkered inside from the two feet of snow outside!  So the Evans family played in the snow, enjoyed our new juicer (a cantaloupe, spinach, and apple drink…mmm!), and mommy made a craft!

DIY Wall Cross Craft Made from Toilet Paper Rolls!

The best part about this craft was that it cost us $0.  That’s not a typo…it even looks funny, doesn’t it?  We’re not used to seeing that number directly next to a dollar sign.  Yes, it was absolutely free to make because we already had all of the goodies…including seven toilet paper rolls I’d been saving in order to make it.

Big Daddy Orange and I are finally getting around to decorating this home in which we’ve lived for almost two years (cut us some slack…I was pregnant when we moved, and then had our hands full with Tangerine.  And he didn’t care what was on the walls, thankfully).  I’ve been shopping for crosses because Jesus is my main man and He needs a place on our walls, as well as our hearts.  Unfortunately for cheap little me, crosses are expensive!  I know, I know…nothing is as expensive as what Jesus did for us on that very cross.  Trust me, I believe that wholeheartedly.  But I also believe God designed me to be resourceful and creative for my family…so I figured out a solution that turned out to be very fun and easy.

Let me be clear that this was NOT my idea.  I took it entirely from this Full of Great Ideas Blog!  Be sure to head on over there to check out the clear instructions, because I followed it exactly.  I even had the same spray paint she mentions – “oil rubbed bronze” – which really does give the cross an awesome shimmer in the light, and makes it look like anything but toilet paper rolls.  So it may not cost you $0.  You will need to buy a hot glue gun, primer spray paint, and color spray paint if you don’t already have them.  Well, and the seven toilet paper rolls – or even fewer paper towel rolls.  I also love how her daughter painted this cross differently:

Creative Painting Technique!

The possibilities are endless, and would be a fun family endeavor!  Just wanted to share this awesome idea and pass on a fun, frugal craft that I want to make in various ways in the future.  And you have to look the other way on the chemicals used in the spray paint for now…Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a green lifestyle!  Piece by piece…

Now my only problem is where to hang it.  It looks nice by the front door, but also looks cast-iron so would be perfect in our kitchen.  Oh, first world problems…

DIY Wall Cross Craft Made from Toilet Paper Rolls!

By our front entrance, perhaps?

Idea Completely Courtesy of Full of Great Ideas – Sharing Inexpensive and Simple Home Decor and Craft Ideas (  Thank you!

Your comments make my day, so please let me know you stopped by or if you’ve made this craft, too!

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  1. Maggie Felix Evans says:

    Love it! Looks great on your wall. You’d never guess what it is made of… Taking orders for Easter??

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