Freeze Herbs in Ice Cube Trays of Oil, Butter, or Broth

Don’t let fresh herbs go to waste!  If you’re not sure what to do with an abundance of herbs that you’ve grown or bought, consider freezing them in some butter or oil (or even bone broth) to stash away the perfect flavor-infused cube for throwing in a dish later.

How to freeze fresh herbs in ice cube trays of butter, oil, or broth

There are many different ways to preserve and store herbs over the winter months (or just when you have too much on hand at one time).  Some herbs will freeze just fine when placed directly into a storage bag or jar (as a bundled bouquet OR individual leaves/sprigs).  However, freezing herbs this way reduces the chance of freezer burn or browning that may happen.  It’s also incredibly convenient to pull out a herb cube to place directly into a pan, soup, marinade, and any other recipe!

Steps and Tips for Freezing Herbs in Butter, Oil, or Broth

  1. Use firm, fresh herbs that are ideally from your own garden or local market. You can clean them if desired, but be sure to pat completely dry.  I misted mine and let dry outside before removing from the plants.
  2. Decide whether to chop the herbs or keep them in larger or whole sprigs. Here’s an herb mincer for easy chopping.
  3. Fill ice cube trays or other freezable molds to 1/2 or 2/3 filled with herbs.  Consider mixing and matching; perhaps rosemary and thyme combined, oregano and sage, anything your ever-loving heart desires.
  4. Pour either extra-virgin olive oil OR melted butter (grass-fed recommended like KerryGold) over the herbs to fill the trays.  I did one tray of EVOO and one of butter this time.  You could also use coconut oil or ghee if you often cook with those.  Broth is also a wonderful option, and you can easily make your own.
  5. Freeze overnight.  Cover with plastic wrap first if desired.  I used silicone molds I had from IKEA, but these trays with lids would be awesome!
  6. Once frozen, you can pop cubes out of tray and freeze in bags or containers, labeling which herbs you used.
  7. Frozen cubes will melt quickly when pulled out again to use.  You could place in a pan to saute onions or garlic, rub on meats, dollop on potatoes or steak, flavor corn on the cob, add to soups, stews, slow cookers.  Fresh-cut flavor no matter what season.

This method of preserving herbs is excellent for any herbs that you would in fact cook into a dish. There are other ways to save or freeze herbs, especially delicate ones like mint, that you can find in my other post.

Freeze Herbs in Ice Cube Trays of Butter, Oil, or Broth

Get your family involved!  Our son loves helping us outside with our herbs and plants, plus he was a huge helper for pulling off the herbs we needed for this.  Growing and cooking our food together as a family can be a wonderful life lesson and memory-maker.

Reece helped us preserve some herbs today and get winter-ready with plants. 

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How do you like to preserve your herbs?

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