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Considering the use of cloth diapers to pamper your tot’s tushy, but don’t know where to begin? Start here!

When I was pregnant, I assumed I would cloth diaper. As I think back…I’m not sure why I thought this. I knew NOTHING about them – I don’t think I even knew what one looked like! I knew it was “old school” and would save money. It just sounded like something I would do and I figured I’d just buy some and stick them on my upcoming baby’s butt. Oh, another naive pregnant moment I look back on and laugh! It can be quite overwhelming when first delving into the wonderful world of cloth diapers. You will encounter a bounty of acronyms you don’t know and discover more options than you imagined. If you know somebody in real-life who cloth diapers, perhaps you have a head start in figuring out the brands and types you may like, but if you are completely starting from scratch like I was…I hope I can help!

I immersed myself in this world and often felt like I was learning a new language. Fortunately, once you get going…you learn pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong, I do not claim to know it all! I’ve been cloth diapering for over a year now and have found what works for my family and me. There isn’t one right way to cloth diaper -which I find frustrating, but also beautiful. Yes, I called reusable poop-collectors beautiful. I really have found a passion for it and often raved about it on my Facebook. More times than I ever imagined, friends (in real-life and through social media) have asked me for help in getting started with cloth and that has made me so happy! One of my favorite cloth diapering jokes says it all…

“How do you know if a mom cloth diapers?”

“Don’t worry…she’ll tell you!”

So throughout my own learning process and explaining it to others, I hope to organize information, tutorials, videos, and links here as Cloth Diapering 101. And maybe eventually Cloth Diapering 201! Please check back soon for all the fun!

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