“Before You Go” Bathroom Spray (Pre-Poo/Pee)

I know women aren’t supposed to poop or fart, but confession…I do.  Thankfully, it doesn’t stink though.

Well, my farts still stink.  I don’t have any homemade toot spray yet, but I do love this DIY “Poo-pourri” Spray and I’m pretty sure you will, too. Homemade Pre Poo Pee Spray Bathroom No Stink (homemade poo pourri)

If you haven’t heard of this amazing Poopourri product and hilarious commercials, I encourage you to Google it and see!  There’s no doubting that the stuff is incredible, however the price is what stinks.  So when my friend introduced me to this product that you spray on the toilet water before you use the potty, I had to check out the ingredients and figure out how to make my own, for about 90% less than their price.

Basically it works like magic because the rubbing alcohol and essential oils create a barrier of surface tension before you go that lets poop fall through, but traps the smell below.  So someone may hear you pooping, but walk right in after you and be absolutely befuddled that your poop literally doesn’t stink.  I strongly suggest you carry this with you wherever you go to maintain this illusion.

Homemade Pre-Poo/Pee Spray

You will need:


1.  Pour rubbing alcohol into glass container.
2.  Add essential oils.  They will mix in better with the alcohol first before adding water.
3.  Carefully fill the bottle with water.  It can sometimes be hard to see, so go slow to not overflow/waste. I only fill to where it starts graduating into the neck.
4.  Twist on the lid and slap some labels on that bad boy.
5.  Spray on remaining water in toilet bowl before you go, then poop with confidence.


  • Since there is no guarantee that others (husbands) are going to use this as faithfully as you may, I also like to spray some on the top of the water AFTER I’m finished so that the next person has no choice. Heh heh heh.
  • I have too much fun making different flavors essential oil combinations to make Pre-Poo/Pee spray gifts for family and friends.  A few of my favorites are Lemongrass/Peppermint, Lavender/Cedarwood, Joy/Lemon and Orange/Cinnamon.  Sometimes equal amounts of both oils, or maybe more of one than the other.  I think anything is likely to smell better than poop, so don’t worry.
  • I think it is funny and informative to display this free printable 4″x6″ sign I made with it.  And here are the address labels I put on the glass container, if you’d like.
    Poo Spray Photo Frame (4×6)
    Poo Spray Glass Bottle Labels (address labels)
  • I plan to order these small atomizer/mist sprayers to make better travel-sized Pre-Poo/Pees.  It is nice to worry less about maybe having to go in public!

Taking a dump has never been more pleasant, for everyone.  Hopefully my family and friends will be overjoyed to unwrap this gift.  I only want the best for them.


Pre Poo Pee Spray Homemade poo pourri Gifts No Stink

Fresh Clean Bathroom Essential Oils Tips |OddsandEvans.com

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16 Responses

  1. edie Gardner says:

    how do you get the printable for the poo spray

  2. Dawn says:

    If you don’t have rubbing alcohol could you use vodka?

    • Amanda Evans says:

      Good question, Dawn…I’ve never tried it with vodka so can’t attest to it. I know in most other spray recipes, vodka would be a good replacement but for this I have no idea if it scientifically creates that surface tension the same way that rubbing alcohol does or not. Let me know if you’ve figured it out!

  3. Kim walker says:

    Do you have to use glass

  4. Darlene Lonkar says:

    Cant find the link to make the poop spray labels and picture frame in 5 by 7

  5. Leesha says:

    Does it have to be a glass bottle?

    • Amanda Evans says:

      Hi Leesha! Glass is best because oils can leach through plastic…BUT honestly in my experience that takes a long time and I think plastic would be ok in small amounts. People will likely use it up fast anyway!

  6. Thank you for sharing that detail.It was fascinating and insightful.Continue to share useful resources over these blogs…

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