Where/How To Order Essential Oils (FAQ)

Now that you’ve checked out my essential oils resources, you may be ready to get started experiencing them for yourself.  So, you can order essential oils in one of two ways:  Wholesale Member or a Retail customer on the Young Living Website.order essential oils

What’s the difference between Retail and Wholesale Member?

Retail prices are 24% more.  Think of wholesale memberships as similar to joining a buying club like Costco or Sam’s Club (only no silly little card to carry around).  Don’t let the word “member” scare you.  Wholesale members get the lowest 24% off retail prices on every purchase they make, have opportunities to earn free products and discounted shipping, are given a resource/sponsor (like me) available for support and education, and never have to sell anything to anybody ever.  Trust me, I checked for strings everywhere and there are none attached.  Wholesale membership is hands down, the best deal to order essential oils.

Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a wholesale member?

No way!  You do not have to ever promote the oils.  After you become a wholesale member, you will get your own special referral link that you can share with family and friends to receive credit from their purchases, but there is no requirement at all for this.    The majority of members do not build an oils business, in fact – they just personally purchase Young Living products because of the quality alone.  Members who are interested in pursuing the business side will find oodles of support to do so though, should they choose!

Is there a monthly order minimum?

You do NOT have to order monthly (or ever again).  There is absolutely NO monthly minimum purchase requirement.  To keep your wholesale membership,  you have to make about $50 worth or purchases per YEAR (easy to do if you run out of an oil or two and wish to replace it).  Say that you don’t make a $50 purchase that year, you can reinstate your wholesale membership discount by just placing a $50 order whenever you wish to resume it!  If you no longer want to be considered a member though, simply do nothing and your yearly membership will run out.

Many members, like myself, do find themselves making regular purchases every month so Young Living has a rewards program for frequent orderers. This OPTIONAL program is called Essential Rewards, where you can make a nice percentage of points/product credits back from your purchases, to be redeemed for free products.  So this is a very sweet perk if you want to order regularly, but is NOT a requirement for wholesale membership.

Can’t I just order these oils from Amazon or eBay?

Great question.  Three reasons to only buy straight from Young Living:

  1. It is very easy to refill or dilute a bottle with something else and replace the cap to look brand new!  There have been numerous complaints of oils ordered from private sellers being tampered, adulterated, and not authentic.  Oils sold on these sites are not guaranteed with Young Living’s promise.  Ordering directly through Young Living ensures you are getting the highest quality.
  2. In fact, Young Living has actually required members to pull their items from third party internet retailers like Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, etc.  This is a slow process, but it is underway as YL is upset with this mishandling that has so often occurred.  So if you see any floating around online, they are not allowed to be there.
  3. When not ordering through Young Living, you will miss out on having an essential oil sponsor.  Whomever refers you becomes your educator, supporter, and link to exclusive resources and promotions.

Ok, so how do I order?

I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit as your first purchase (it was mine!) which entitles you to the wholesale membership prices.  It is the best value for $160 to receive 11 2016 Premium Starter Kit Young Living Essential Oils Ordertop oils, your choice of diffuser ($100+ value alone), and several samples of other oils/ products, and free gifts if you use my referral code.

Instructions to fill out the sign-up form for the Premium Starter Kit:

(Or contact me and I’ll walk you through this anytime!)

1.Follow my link to the Young Living site.

2. Be sure Wholesale Member option is chosen so you don’t end up paying retail prices. And make sure my referral code 1756452 is listed as enroller and sponsor to receive my freebies/support.

3. Fill in your personal information.

*Social Security is required (for tax purposes should you turn this into a business).  Young Living will never share this information with anyone; they are a well-reputed company with no security issues in over 20 years! If you are still not comfortable though, you can get an EIN from the IRS in a few minutes here and use that number instead. The government just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes, because if you make more than $600 per year selling Young Living, you’ll get 1099 form in the mail (required by law).

4. Create your username and pin (be sure and write this information down) so you can log back in to track your orders.

5. Select Premium Starter Kit.  That’s the one with eleven oils and diffuser (and where you get the bonus items), but there are a few others if you prefer those instead.

6. Pick your Essential Rewards Kit (I’d recommend skipping this and choosing “No thank you.”) Essential Rewards is a program that can be joined at a later time, so no need to worry with it now.  Unless you really want to try those products right away too, then by all means, shop away!

7. Enter payment information and submit all the way through.  I also recommend going to www.youngliving.org and logging in again using the username/password you just created.  Making sure your order shows up under “Recent Orders” means you’re good to go!


SIGNUP TROUBLESHOOTING:  If you tried to sign up on an iPad or other mobile device, sometimes the screen goes blank when hitting the ‘Submit’ button and your order does not complete. If this is the case and you are still trying to complete your purchase, here’s what you would need to do…

  1. Go to www.youngliving.org and log in with your username or member ID and password you created
  2. Go to the ‘Order’ link on the left side of the screen
  3. Find the Premium Starter Kit, item 4672, and simply add it to your cart
  4. Complete your checkout, and you should be set!

Congratulations on starting your Young Living journey!

As my gift to you for enrolling with me and ordering your Premium Starter Kit as a wholesale member, I will send you a FREE thank you gift, as well as exclusive access to our private resource website and Facebook group (Oil Moxie). I’m here for you as your resource coach!

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