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Oils & Evans!

Essential Oils have been incredibly important to me on my journey of healing, motherhood, and personal growth. I use them for my family’s health, homemade cleaning and beauty products, and to enhance my life/emotions/experiences. I’ve tried SO many brands and done MUCH research about companies to ensure that I’m using only the highest qualities of oil on our bodies…and Young Living is the only company I can wholeheartedly recommend for that. This is a place where I can share how I use my Young Living oils personally, and how you may learn more, too!

February Love is in the Air Young Living promo freebies free gifts 0

February Freebies – Young Living Rewards

Love is always in the air…if your diffuser is running. Let February, the month of love, be time to love yourself, partner, kids, and family with these freebies for everyone from Young Living’s promotion! If...

October 2016 Essential Oils Sale 0

Fall Discount on Essential Oils

Don’t miss out on this deal! Now is the perfect time to join me on your wellness journey!  If you’ve been on the fence, grabbing this collection to have everything you need on hand...

Premium Starter Kit Discount all during Frankincense February 0

10% off Premium Starter Kits in February

Yay, Young Living announced yesterday that for the month of February, all Premium Starter Kits* would be 10% off!  They don’t discount the bundles very often, so this is exciting and helpful for those...

“Snow Dough” Recipe for Winter Play 2

“Snow Dough” Recipe for Winter Play

Whether you’re snowed indoors or just looking for some fun, white play dough time, this recipe is easy and great to squish while staying warm and cozy. Homemade Snow Dough! Peppermint playdough recipe

Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit from Young Living 0

Ningxia Red Starter Kit from Young Living

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR FEBRUARY 2016: Young Living Starter Kits are 10% off this month only!  So this means “everyday oils” collection below or the other kits like Thieves and Ningxia red are on sale....