Essential “Oil Change” Challenge

The care you put into your car keeps it running smoothly without extra visits to the auto body shop.  The same applies to your physical body and how we fuel it.  Are you ready for a tune-up?

Start using your essential oils everyday and just observe.  Notice.  Experience what happens.

Take the essential oil change challenge to learn how to use your oils

Join my 2016 Oil Change Challenge!  Each month I will feature a new essential oil with lots of practical tips for using them in your daily life.  Simply try to use your oils each day (a few times a day is even better), and enjoy the community and support of others through our private Facebook group.  It is my goal that by the end of the year, you will be super comfortable knowing how to safely and effectively use your essential oils.  It won’t take you that long, though, to start seeing the difference that “everyday” essential oils can make.

Are you due for your Oil Change? Here’s how you can participate:

Purchase a Premium Starter Kit with my referral link here so that you’ll have the ELEVEN essential oils and a diffuser.  You’ll have everything that we’ll be covering at the best possible deal.  I will send you a very special thank you gift as well, in addition to all of the normal perks of being a lowest-price member.

I will be publishing blog posts here about each featured oil all month long.  This may include general information, homemade recipes, ideas for daily usage, and anything related.  Anybody can view these public posts, but only those whom complete Step 1 will have access to our Facebook community where we will be checking in, asking/answering questions, and sharing exclusive resources.

You can join anytime this year, but if you want to tune in on time for Frankincense February…purchase your bundle of oils now to receive your transforming package in the mail in 7-10 business days.

I declare Frankincense February will now be a thing.  We will learn all about this ancient spiritual oil, and since it is one of the best oils for supporting the skin…DIY Beauty Care will be a big theme.  Will we ONLY be using Frankincense oil all month? No way!  We will dabble and introduce other oils/uses that will later be further featured in their own month, so learning will be layered.  Here’s a sneak peak of some of what we’ll explore, and a challenge I can’t wait for you to try…

frankincense february essential oil change challenge

frankincense essential oil change challenge drop a day

Try it for a week 😉 Keep accountable in our coaching group, share stories and ask questions, and enjoy special prizes and giveaways!

So join us for Frankincense February, followed by:
–Minty Clean March (Peppermint and Spring Cleaning 1)
–Fresh Air April (Lemon and Spring Cleaning 2)
–Mellow Out May (Lavender, Emotional Health, and Relaxing)

And then the rest of the schedule will be announced.  Fun topics to focus around StressAway, PanAway, DiGize, Thieves, Purification, RC, and Copaiba).  By the end of December, you’ll be a pro at using your essential oils.  Don’t get stranded…let me give you a jump 😉 (I promise, I’ll lay off the corny car phrases soon)

Essential oils can be overwhelming, and many may falter or give up on them without the right resources and support.  Please let me coach you in this free challenge for you to discover the change essential oils can create in your life, family’s lives, and physical home.

This is my necessary disclaimer that this blog is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure. I am only a mom with an education background. I must let you know that any essential oils statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I simply approve for myself and family of such things that I deem safe, effective, and positively life-transformative. I encourage you all to be informed and empowered with your health. Also, some of my posts may contain affiliate links. When you click them, you help me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. I appreciate your support so that I can continue to do what I love. Please note that I only ever endorse products that are in alignment with Odds & Evans’ ideals, my personal use, and those I believe would be of value to my readers.

Amanda Evans

I'm a work-at-home mom, passionate about holistic health and natural living/parenting. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Holistic Life Coach. This nutrition nerd blogs randomly at about clean eating, fitness, homemade product recipes, and other mindful wellness topics.

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