Bath Time Fun – Craft Foam Pumpkins

Bath Tub Pumpkin Craft Foam

I’m equally as proud of Hubby/Daddy who created the monster in the top left photo (well, he helped create the other little monster too…if you catch my drift…)

Need something new to make bath time more fun/less torture? We sure did here last week, so I pulled out some craft foam…and we’ve had a smashing good time all week!  Insert sigh-of-relief here.

One of my favorite things to learn as a parent so far is that craft foam sticks to windows, walls, bathtubs, etc when wet.  This means it is super easy and cheap to cut out various seasonal shapes for toddlers and kids to explore.  This fall, our bathtub is a pumpkin patch ready for decorating.

I simply cut out a few orange ovals of various size from a large craft foam sheet, and some random green and black shapes with stems, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth designs in mind.  I seriously did this in less than a minute one evening as my son threw a fit about having to go upstairs.  He stopped whining out of curiosity about what I was doing with the scissors and foam sheets.  Then when he saw the shapes, he ran right up the steps!  I thought it was pretty amazing that he understood what I told him what this was going to be!  Our little pumpkin who will turn two this month *tear*  happily entered the tub and got to work.

We also used our bath crayons to draw around the pumpkins and I showed him the letter “P”.  The craft foam pieces made the perfect erasers to clean off the marks, too, which my son also enjoys doing.  Of course, the whole bath experience is enhanced with bubbles and a drop or two of essential oils (I like Lavender, Peace & Calming, or Gentle Baby for nighttime baths).

You can find this inexpensive foam at dollar stores as well as in large packs at craft stores like I bought or (affiliate link) buy it here.  I haven’t tried using the thicker-cut foam yet, so can only vouch that the thin sheets stick very easily when wet.  The possibilities are endless for bath time fun (and other craft projects) when you have plenty of colors on hand.  We will enjoy decorating our pumpkin patch faces this month before trading it in for turkeys and snowmen.  Ahh, I’m pretty excited about all of the new sights, sounds, and adventures he/we will experience this fall and winter season! Craft foam is only the beginning.

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