Magical Christmas Bath with Craft Foam

Did you know that craft foam sticks like magic to surfaces when wet? Learning this simple, little fact has made evenings a bit smoother around the Evans household! Try it out with this fun Christmas craft for kids.

Magic Christmas Bath Fun craft foam christmas craft for kidsWhen my toddler starts to get bored with his usual tub toys, I break out a new set of craft foam shapes to play with together.  It all started with decorating jack ‘o’ lantern faces in our bathtub pumpkin patch.  Then we made turkeys with colorful feathers and features.  Next to celebrate the holidays, we wash in a winter wonderland of Christmas trees, snowmen, presents, and more.

The best thing about this “craft” is how easy and inexpensive it is to make.  Just buy some thin craft foam at a craft store (or order a pack here or here to have on hand) and cut out your desired shapes.  Nothing intricate is required, because it will still be a splash to stick on the tub walls no matter what.

Literally five minutes before bath time, I roughly cut out a couple of Christmas trees, candy canes, and stars (which were the hardest part).  A basic square and rectangle made the perfect presents, along with little strips that criss-cross as a ribbon.  I even cut out pieces that don’t really make sense, but hey…let’s call them ornaments.  One tree turned out a little too rough, so I kept hacking at it and consider it a wreath.  Kids should use their imaginations anyway, I figure.

I remembered that I bought an already-packaged snowman with parts at Michael’s Store this season and squealed in delight (mommy needs to get out more).  So even if you’re averse to cutting out your own shapes, so many craft foam pieces and sets are available at stores already that you could use!

To further increase the holiday cheer, we also make the bath water blue with food coloring occasionally and add in these snowball bath bombs that you can make yourself!  If I don’t infuse them with an essential oil, then I’ll add a drop into his bath water sometimes.  Peppermint is fun, but can be energizing, so we like Peace & Calming, Gentle Baby, or the always-perfect Lavender.

There are so many wonderful ways that craft foam can be used during bath time to make it exciting, and a little educational.  Even older children will enjoy cutting their own pieces, doing letter/word work, and other ideas I mentioned in the turkey tub post.  By the time Reece’s interest fades in these holiday foam pieces, I will be ready to cut out the next magical arrangement that I will share here.  Please be sure to follow, like, add me wherever and even better, subscribe on the right sidebar to get emails of new posts like the ones below.

Be sure to squeeze in some relaxing baths of your own this holiday season! Please let me know you’ve stopped by below or if you’ve tried this Christmas craft for kids!

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