Essential Oils 101 Class (video)

Class Objectives:

What are essential oils?
How do they work?
Everyday Uses
And more!

I have learned so much from an awesome person in my Young Living family, and she was willing to share her knowledge of therapeutic-grade essential oils with you too!  Angie at The Well-Oiled Life provides this video as a virtual essential oils 101 class.  She explains a lot of the properties of essential oils that I go over in classes myself, so I hope you take some notes from this awesome learning tool (until I get to record my own soon).  Then please contact me anytime with questions you may have from there.  If only you could smell them through the screen!

(Thank you so much, Angie!)

If you are ready to begin your journey with Young Living Essential Oils,  you can purchase the Premium Starter Kit shown in this video by ordering here through my referral code (1756452).

I was given this Essential Oil Reference Guide when I first started with my oils, so I decided to give one FREE to anyone who signs up with me!  I really want you to help you know how you can use your products through this book and other resources I will share with you.  I’m always here to help if you want.  And please check out my FAQ page to clear up any other questions you may have.

Are you due for an oil change?!

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