October Freebies – Young Living Promo 2015

October is already a pretty awesome month full of colorful leaves, pumpkin-spice everything, and fun fall festivals. Young Living made this month even better though with the best promotion we’ve EVER seen, including…


Home vs. Dewdrop Diffuser - young living essential oils

*Will be one of these diffusers based on availability. Both are AWESOME!

  • Place an order for 300PV or more and get a home diffuser, 15-ml bottle of Thieves, 5-ml bottle of Clove, and an additional 20 Essential Rewards points. (This is a retail value of $157.83 for free)
  • There’s no diffuser with a 250PV order, but the Thieves, Clove, and ER points above are still yours. (Retail Value: $73.93) I say, just add on a few more items if you’re this close…because it is so worth it to receive an $100+ diffuser.
  • And with 190PV, you get the Thieves and Clove oil (Retail Value: $53.93)

How you can make this your best month ever?  

Now is the time to shop for the holidays!  Give the gift of wellness this upcoming holiday season.  You could add on wonderful aromas like Christmas Spirit, Joy, Peace and Calming, Deep Relief, Frankincense, Myrrh, whatever you want.  Give them as presents or make your own homemade goodies for others.  Shopping, done…and you receive such amazing free products.

Stock up on Thieves this time of year and/or its wonderful line of cleaners, toothpastes, fruit and veggie wash, laundry soap, dish soap, mints, sprays, hand sanitizers, and more!

If you are brand new to Young Living, this is perfect for you!  Purchase your Premium Starter Kit through this link to become a member (you’ll get a diffuser, 11 everyday oils, and more by using my referral link), then add on items like above OR an Essential Rewards Kit (there is a Thieves one with one of everything in the line)…and then you’ll find yourself already at the qualifying PV amounts for the freebies.  If you are a new member who will be receiving all of THAT in the mail, please send me a photo of all the packages!  Happy Early Holidays!  That’d be two diffusers and 13 oils at least, plus whatever else you choose.

If you’re already a Young Living member, this would be a perfect time to start ordering through Essential Rewards (or RE-start with ER since you can stop at any time).  There are awesome kits to order from, or create your own shopping cart of whatever you want to reach the PV you desire.  And we all know how convenient it would be to have more than one diffuser at home! Hello, not-carrying-it-around-to-each-room!

Current members may love ordering their oils for later resale at retail prices if this speaks to you, or maybe one-time wholesale ordering for a friend.  I don’t do this often, but sometimes it is a great way to let others get a taste of essential oils so they can grab everything they will need in their diffuser set later!

Check out the true cost of essential oils with price per drop here…because you will FALL in love and enjoy them for a long time to come.


October 2015 Freebies Young Living Promotion


october 2015 promo freebies essential oils young living

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