Construction Birthday Party Theme Ideas

  • construction party invite
    The invitation I made.
  • construction hats party favors
    Favor bags/ "Hard Hat Area"
  • Fueling Station
  • Construction Party Food
  • Dig In Party Sign
  • Construction Food Signs
  • construction birthday cake
  • construction cake after
  • construction cake before
  • Construction Welcome
  • construction party cones
  • construction party kiss
  • Detour Sign in Back
    Detour Sign in the back to keep folks from seeing the messy upstairs
  • Dump Gifts Here
  • 1545879_10100448682693566_4072979737406207946_n
  • Porta Potty Sign
  • Hammer Time
  • Construction Birthday Party Entrance Signs
  • Construction Party Thank You
  • Construction Birthday Party Title

Today at 2:02 this morning, my sweet son turned TWO years old! ¬†We celebrated our big boy last weekend with a construction-themed birthday party because I knew he would “dig” it ūüėČ

Here was the invitation I made:Construction Birthday Party Invitation

Then I ordered (affiliate links)¬†these child construction hats¬†from Amazon¬†which were perfect additions to favor bags in the “Hard Hat Area”.

Construction Birthday Party Ideas - Hard Hat Gift Bag Area

Ooh, I must make aloe vera gel this week. Look at that outta control plant! Also, I should have put a sign above my essential oils there that said “Time for an Oil Change” he he.

The week of the party, I used markers and construction paper to make some fun signs to hang as decoration. Also had a “Children At Work” sign downstairs in the playroom, but no photo of that. ¬†For the “Hammer Time” area, I wrapped florist foam blocks in woodgrain contact paper. ¬†Turfdaddy brought home some golf tees from work, and I found some cheap toy hammers. ¬†It was a hit (literally!) and usable again and again.

I put two lines of yellow duct tape down a black tablecloth to make a road for our snack spread. ¬†With signs like “Dig In” and “Build-A-Bun”, guests knew to help themselves. ¬†I personally enjoyed the cheese balls in the dump truck called “wrecking balls” and donuts as “truck tires”. ¬†We also had “veggie beams”, “spare parts” and “tools” on hand. ¬†Reece said after the party, “I need more wrecking balls”…and thus began his love affair with cheese balls (see, we’re not always healthy)!

I baked one cake, but decorated two for this party. ¬†I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be like the first birthday where the little one gets their own cake. ¬†Plus, I thought he would finger it all up or spit on it when blowing out candles, so I went with two. ¬†The round construction cake is the easiest thing you could ever “decorate”. ¬†I just dug out a big chunk of cake from the side and plopped it on top. ¬†Add an excavator in the hole and a bulldozer to push the pile and you have a yummy construction site! ¬†It still looked great even after we cut and played with it, since the messier the better.

I ordered the larger cake for everybody from the grocery store. ¬†They said they couldn’t decorate something like this (I think I just asked the wrong shift), so I ordered it with plain icing. ¬†On the day of the party, I added jimmies to form the number two and tried my best at lettering his name on. ¬†Whoppers made an excellent pile of rubble, and I placed two cheap Party City trucks, and a candy corn (since I couldn’t find orange cones anywhere). ¬†I was really thrilled with it, and they were both delicious¬†cakes!

Yellow, orange, and black balloons were strewn about and hubby/daddy even brought real cones home for out front. ¬†I also made this shirt for the birthday boy (part peace fingers, part “I’m two” fingers). ¬†Here’s a tutorial how I hand-painted it with the help of freezer paper! ¬†It really was a special day. ¬†We had a lot of fun with our friends and family, and mommy even got a gift with a kiss below!

I made a matching Thank You template to print out and mail.  I just added a sample text here of something similar that I may say.

Construction Birthday Party Thank You Card


And with that, my big boy is TWO! ¬†Two much fun and growing much two fast. ¬†I’m so proud of him and madly in love. ¬†This year, I tried to remain focused on his birthday instead of his birth day, which doesn’t have me down like it did last year. ¬†This year’s construction birthday party came together surprisingly smoothly, was super cheap, and LOADS of fun! ¬†I think we NAILED IT. ¬†ūüėČ

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