Monthly Archive: January 2014

Adventures in Coconut Oil – Oil Pulling 7

Adventures in Coconut Oil – Oil Pulling

You know how some people think duct tape can fix anything?  Well, crunchy folk think the same thing about coconut oil.  And breastmilk.  Maybe apple cider vinegar too, actually.  Wait…has anybody ever combined those...

Reflections and Intentions…Part Two 2

Reflections and Intentions…Part Two

I hope everyone’s year is off to a smashing start!  Here at the Evans household, we’ve packed a lot of activity into 2014’s mere week.  Very proud of us.  Big Daddy Orange celebrated his...

Petition Against Forceps 2

Petition Against Forceps

UPDATE:  The Petition reached 35,000 signatures and is now closed!  Way to go, supporters! TRIGGER ALERT:  Although I do not get into much of what happened, the summary can be upsetting enough.   Are...